Epstein Barr Treatment – Depression

Depression is not unusual in cases of Epstein Barr – the virus responsible for mononucleosis or glandular fever. Depression is especially evident when Epstein Barr becomes chronic or long-standing.

Depression is not simply a matter of feeling a bit gloomy or sad for a couple of days. It is a serious condition which causes both physical and emotional symptoms.

Depression is usually noticeable by feeling sad and losing interest in everyday activities for at least a couple of weeks. There may be behavioral differences like withdrawal from family and friends, the incapacity to concentrate, or dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed, guilty, indecisive, and thoughts of being a failure are not uncommon.
Physical symptoms (which can be difficult to delineate from those of Epstein Barr), may include lethargy, exhaustion, headaches, muscle aches, sleeping problems and a poor appetite.

If you feel you may be suffering from depression, then it is vital that you seek help from your doctor or a trained health professional. In numerous cases, low serotonin levels in the brain may contribute to depression, and can be balanced. Finding kindness and support from your family and friends – like just having someone to chat with is of great importance.

The natural approach to depression is to use nutrients such as fish oils, zinc and the B complex to help support the brain. There are also some good natural antidepressants like St Johns Wort, which you can try out with the aid of a doctor or naturopath.

Music therapy has been shown to be an effective non-drug approach for reducing depression and anxiety. Finding music that inspires and uplifts you is important – avoid sad, violent or disturbing music tracks.

Massage can help in alleviating depression as it releases endorphins or “feel-good chemicals” into your system. The benefits derived from these massage can last several hours. Types of massage you can experiment with include shiatsu, Swedish, lymphatic massage, sports massage, scalp massage and reflexology.

Some of my patients use meditation, yoga and visualization to focus on their breathing and calm their mind. This appears to centre and balance their body to keep depression at bay. It needs to be practiced regularly, preferably every day for best results.

Scientifically, sunshine and regular exercise have been shown to greatly assist with the recovery from depression. In fact, some of my patients tell me that their daily walk is what keeps their depression under control. Taking the time to rest, eating a high protein diet and drinking lots of water are just as important.

The natural approaches for treating depression with Epstein Barr are a good starting point for many. If your depression is severe or not improving please make time to talk with your doctor or health professional.

Flexcin Featured in the Huffington Post’s Blog on Cooking with Arthritis

We are excited to share the news that Tamer Elsafy, our Flexcin CEO, was interviewed for an article in The Huffington Post to share his grandmother’s story of cooking with arthritis! We hope this article will be of great use to each of you as you battle the fatigue and pain associated with preparing your daily cuisine and it helps you find joy again in the art of cooking as it did for Tamer’s grandmother.
As many of you may know, Tamer’s late grandmother was the inspiration behind Flexcin. He wanted to find a safe, effective way to naturally help her eliminate her arthritis and joint pain. Since she was known for her cooking during the holidays until arthritis kept her out of the kitchen, her story and the evolution of Flexcin grabbed the attention of Dietitian Ashley Koff and was recently included in her posting Is Arthritis Keeping You Out of the Kitchen?.
Check out the full article posted on The Huffington Post for tips from the Food Network’s dietitian, Ellie Krieger as well as some tips from Amye Leong, the author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Arthritis”. Both women share great ideas to help make kitchen duty less painful.
Here’s an excerpt from the story of our CEO’s grandmother:
“Tamer Elsafy’s late grandmother was known for her cooking during the holidays until arthritis kept her out of the kitchen. Tired of watching her deteriorate from prescriptions or remedies that either didn’t work or ones that brought unwanted side effects, Tamer, with a background in dietary supplements, created his own nutritional product that helped her ease the pain and get back to her love of cooking. The key: CM8 — Cetyl Myristoleate — discovered by Dr. Harry Diehl at the NIH in several decades ago. Elsafy included this ingredient in the first batch of a product (today known as Flexcin) for his grandmother, and waited to assess her results. When he didn’t hear for weeks, he jokes “I was worried I had killed her,” but when we finally spoke she said she’d been too busy gardening and doing all her favorite activities to check in. Her one request: “Please send me some more of that stuff, I am doing great.” Today Elsafy’s business is helping more than just grandmothers as the product appears to work on those with arthritis as well as pain from sports injuries.”

Social Phobia Treatment With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Social phobia is a disorder that has impacted way too many lives. People who suffer from social phobia are not living their lives the way they could. They are missing out on some of the best moments that could have happened to them. That is the reason why they need help as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the majority of social anxiety sufferers don’t look for the solution and those who actually decide to do something about it, don’t really know where to start. Therefore I will reveal some information they need to be able to start their journey of overcoming social anxiety.

One of the most effective and widely used therapies for social phobia is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT.

Its goal is to identify the thought process and the limiting beliefs that old you back and are responsible for the anxiety to appear in the first place. Once you know your limiting beliefs, you need to work on them, and create more useful and positive beliefs.

After you eliminate your limiting beliefs and replace them with better ones, your behavior in social situations changes as well.

So, the very first step of cognitive behavioral therapy is to identify your limiting beliefs. Then you need to replace those beliefs and create a more rational view on those social situations that make you anxious. In the end you need to practice the new behaviors that you have identified as the most appropriate.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is extremely effective when it’s done in a systematic way.

In order to get the best results, a patient must be guided through this process of social phobia treatment by an experienced therapist. Only an experienced therapist is able to identify your progress and change the program according to the progress you’ve made.

Unfortunately, this kind of social phobia treatment can be quite expensive. If you take into account that one hour of therapy can cost between $100 and $150, you can end up paying more than $1000 for the whole therapy.

Even though the cognitive behavioral therapy can be quite expensive it is still among the most effective ones.

Social phobia treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy doesn’t necessary have to be that expensive. If you are prepared to work on your anxiety yourself, then you can chose a self-help program based on CBT. Recent studies have actually proven that online social phobia treatments can be as effective as live therapies. This is an encouraging discovery for people with social phobia, since this gives them an option to start working on their anxiety in the safety of their own homes.

Using Bleach to treat Toenail Fungus

Probably you’ve heard of people utilizing bleach for toenail fungus (onychomycosis). This can be a property remedy that utilized to generally be additional well-liked but it continues to be largely replaced by prescription medicines and commercial household therapies. The downside of household bleach treatment is usually that it requires twenty to thirty mins daily, a time commitment that many people discover tough.

Around the other hand, using bleach for toenail fungus is very much less costly than practically any sort of remedy specifically marketed for onychomycosis, and most people previously have some with their laundry provides. Indeed, you could by now have some saved along with your cosmetics: many people are definitely bleaching toenails for completely distinct motives.

Foot attention experts suggest a weekly foot soak in a very option of one aspect chlorine bleach to one hundred areas water, just to keep the feet feeling contemporary and clear. People advise a stronger resolution of one part bleach to 10 elements drinking water for bleaching toenails to take away stains. In this situation, the option is applied directly on the toenail. In the event you’re using bleach for toenail fungus, having said that, you may need to have to generally be a little more aggressive.

Initial, it really is an excellent idea to trim along the nail as much as possible, and even record it down from above so that you just basically make the whole nail thinner. Document it straight down as a lot as you dare. Most individuals advise utilizing incredibly diluted bleach for toenail fungus – one particular tablespoon inside a gallon of h2o – and soaking for 30 mins each day. Even far better, soak for 10-15 minutes morning and evening. Bleaching toenails in this gradual, light way will decrease the odds that you will irritate your epidermis with all the remedy.

Many people have utilised extra concentrated bleach for toenail fungus: a 1 in four option utilized straight for the nail or undiluted bleach utilized towards the nail and washed off following three or 4 mins. Some challenging folks have just applied undiluted bleach to nails everyday and left it on. Bear in mind, nonetheless, that chlorine bleach is actually a hazardous chemical: it is corrosive, and will injury any epidermis that’s exposed while you happen to be bleaching toenails. Additionally, the fumes from your chemical should not be inhaled. It really is much safer to implement a diluted solution.

When you make a decision to make use of bleach for toenail fungus, be ready to set aside the time daily to get a couple of weeks. It could even bring extended than this. If bleaching toenails isn’t going to appeal for you, think about trying a person with the business natural therapies for onychomycosis. They are really more expensive than bleach, but a smaller amount so than prescription medication, and there may be scientific proof that some of them are effective in opposition to the fungus that infects toenails.

How to Make Money From Sub Domain Blogs

Almost every other individual who has a website is busy trying to make his/her website popular by trying out different marketing methods and strategies. One of the easiest methods to increase the popularity of the website is to create a free blog where an organization discusses its products and services.

Some other techniques would be to post views and suggestions on free online blogs along with links to the company’s website. However, even if an individual is making use of all these methods, one still need to assure that the website are indexed, both by the customer traffic and by prominent search engines, such as Google, MSN and Yahoo among others.

Importance of blogs in today’s World Wide Web era

A large number of people keep on trying to create free blogs that are submitted to the popular blog sites in order to improve their webpage ranking. Well, some people may believe that the page ranking results does not play a very important role in determining the search engine visibility for a particular website. However, in reality, the truth is that they indeed, do play a very important role in determining the success or failure rate of a particular website.

There are a large percentage of people who are still unaware of the popular tactics that can are to make a website popular. One, such method that can spell sure-shot success for an individual would be making use of sub domain blogs.

Marketing via sub domains blogs

Sub domain and free online blogs, can help an individual to make money online as they get featured separately on the page ranking results, thus helping an individual to make their website’s presence felt on the website.

Some people may prefer to post their entire content under the address of their main website’s home page. However, they need to understand that by creating separate domains i.e. sub domains for blogs will help to increase their page ranking. Moreover, blogs contain general information about the products and services in which a company deals. Some people may even choose to update these free blog sites with recent happenings, improvements and achievements which their company has making. People may look up the Internet as a source of information for these particular products and services are bound to come across the company’s website and its blog page, provided are listed under a separate sub domain under the search engine results.

Individuals who are well versed with the technique of free blog site may also choose to include separate headings and categories in index format under their main domain. This allows them to include separate pages of the website under separate sub domains. This trick is again, used to increase the visibility of company’s blogs under best free blog sites and on search engine results. This improved visibility helps individuals to attract more customer traffic.

So, get the benefit of high search engine visibility and enhanced web traffic with the use of sub-domain blogs.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name For Your Blog

If you are setting up a blog for your own personal use or as a business you will have to give it a name. Whether it is your companies name, your own personal name or a nickname to conceal your identity. The first rule is choosing a name that has not been taken already.

The best way to understand a blog domain name is by seeing it as the address people use in order to search and find your blog. In a way it is equivalent to a postal address but, for the web. People will use your address to type into the search engines to access it. If the domain name has a catchy title then this will help to make it stand out and help people to remember your blog.

It is important that you spend some time on choosing your domain name to ensure it is the most appropriate for the purpose of your blog. If you are building your blog around a topical subject such as weight loss then, try to incorporate the keyword ‘weight loss’ or at least a prefix or variation of that keyword into your domain name.

The following benefits will help you understand why a domain is very important:

1) If you use a catchy name that is relevant to your blog people will remember it more easily.

2) A domain names your own intellectual property it is the name of the business that you own.

3) Even though a blog or website has to be hosted by an external company you still own the domain which means you have the freedom to move your domain, blog or business to any host company of your choice.

Obviously one of the main reasons that you are setting up a blog is for people to visit it and read your content and even interact with you. There is really no point in having a blog if you have no traffic because people cannot find it. The domain name plays an important role in helping you attract more people to your blog by making it more visible in the search engines.

However, there are a few rules you should use to maximise the effect of your domain name to attract more traffic as follows;

1) Ensure the domain matches the main keyword you are targeting.

2) Use a relevant but catchy title that stands out and creates curiosity.

3) The domain should correspond with the name you have given the blog.

Due to the number of websites on the web it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find the exact domain name you want. Therefore, it does not pay to be too rigid in your choice of names. Try and be more creative and come up with alternative names as these may work out just as well, or even better. Many of the online companies where you can buy your domain name can actually help you find and narrow down your choice by using a combination of prefixes to find the best domain name for your blog.

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Moving Your Free WordPress Blog To A Paid Hosting Account

If you have a free blog at WordPress.com, it will be very limited to what you can do with it. You many want to consider moving your blog to a paid hosting account.

That way you will have complete control and you don’t have to worry about WordPress deleting or tagging for blog for any Terms of Agreement violation.

Even if you don’t have a lot of posts at the free WordPress blog but I am sure you don’t want to lose them. These steps will make your move extremely easy.

1. Find a hosting company. A blog does not normally take up a lot of room so you can just start out with a cheap plan. Many hosting companies have an Economy Plan that is under $5.00 a month.

Of course the longer you purchase the hosting plan the cheaper it should be. You may want to purchase for 2 – 3 years, that way you can usually get a discount on the price and if you decide to move to a different hosting company you should be refunded the unused time.

2. Register your domain. Many hosting companies also let you register your domain name with them and give you a discount. Also, having your domain name and hosting account together makes it easier to keep track of.

3. Wait for setup. Once you have purchased your hosting and domain name (from whomever you decide). You have to wait for the hosting company to set up your host plan. This can take anywhere from a few hours to 48 hours.

4. Once setup is complete. If you have never had paid hosting take a look around in your admin area and look at all the different information that is available for you.

Once hosting is set up sign into your account.

5. Under the area of My Products (or something to that effect), click on your hosting accounts.

6. This will take you to another page that shows your domain name and if your hosting plan is ready, you can click on Open and it will take you to your hosting panel.

7. Your control panel. Most hosting companies now have an area for a quick set-up of wordpress blogging software. Look for something that may say “Fantastico De Luxe” or Hosting Connections. Here is the place where you can install WordPress to your domain.

8. There are a few different ways to add the WordPress blogging software on your new domain:

On the domain: yourdomainname.com

As a sub-domain: yourdomainname.com/blog

As an addon domain: blog.yourdomainname.com

If you only have the blogging software, it may be better to set-up WordPress on the domain name itself. But some people say that an addon domain is better if you are going to have a website and want your blog attached to it.

On the domain: Just click the install and it will ask you which domain, click on that and for the “Install in directory” leave this blank. The admin access data will be your user name and password, Then go through all the rest of the steps.

As a sub-domain: If you want to have it like that, you need to put in the “Install in directory”, The name you want – example: blog, my blog etc… This will then create the directory for it. You do not need to create it.

As an Addon Domain: You need to first set up the addon domain before you can install WordPress. In your control panel, create an addon domain, Whatever you name this that will be where you put your blog.

So if you call the addon domain My Blog then the above will be the URL for it (myblog.yourdomainname.com). It may take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours for the system to set this up.

Once you have the WordPress installed on your domain. You will get an email with the login information (or you may have to use the one you created when you installed it).

Once your web hosting has been set-up and you have installed WordPress on your hosting account. Log into your free WordPress blog admin area.

Go to:

1. Tools

2. Click on the Export tab.

3. Export tab: will let you export (almost) everything to your computer. It does not save your blogrolls, but does save your posts, categories, comments, and custom field. Click on Download Export File.

A box will pop up and you want to click the box for Save to Disk. This then will save to your computer.

Remember where you have saved it. If you can’t find it on your computer. Open the search box (on your task bar Start>search>files or folders and put the name of the file – usually called yourdomainname.wordpress.com )

4. Open your new WordPress blog at your hosting company.

5. Go to Tools (again) Click on Import tab

6. Import Tab: They will have a list of different types of programs. Go to WordPress link and click on it. Now use the browse button to find the WordPress.com information you exported above to your computer. Click on Upload file and import.

7. All of your posts, comments etc.. are now in your new blog. Make sure you keep the old blog at WordPress and add a post to let people know you have moved to a new “place”.

Many of the web hosting plans have the ability to add WordPress (or other blogging software) to your new domain. If at all possible use the one click installation of the software to help with your move, it is much easier to do.

Enjoy your new location and control over your blogging!

Ready to begin? Julia Ponikvar has taken all the guess work out of how you can make your own website with this free website tutorial.

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Try Branding Your Business By Blogging

A blog, or web log, is an online diary that people use for all kinds of reasons. Some people use them for hobby purposes – to espouse their opinions about important world events. But as a marketer, you can use a free, simple blog to help brand your business and drives targeted traffic to your product or membership domains.

Blogging is easy to do and addictive once you get started. First, go to a site like http://www.Blogger.com and register for a free account. Then you’ll name your blog – and while it’s best to use relevant keywords for your niche inside the title, make sure it evokes a sense of curiosity among web surfers who stumble upon your blog.

Then you choose a template and you can start branding your business at your blog spot. To do this, you have to create daily or weekly posts to your blog that discusses your industry with you as an authority figure.

You want to allow comments from your readers because that feedback can help drive your business to a higher level. You’ll know what the customer wants, so you can provide it to them.

Blogs are supposed to have personality. That doesn’t mean you have to post lewd pictures of yourself or write your deepest, darkest thoughts. But it does mean reaching out to the online community and letting others get to know you on a personal level – as more than just a business name.

You want to be sure you ping your blog to the many ping sites, such as http://www.pingomatic.com because then other sites are notified each and every time you update your blog and provide fresh content.

You can create multiple blogs all over the Internet, each time directing traffic to your other sites and creating a buzz about your product line, your services, or your site. As a blogger, you instantly command a certain amount of respect from fellow bloggers who have a penchant for seeing what others are doing on the ‘net.

Before you start filling your blog with nothing but blatant advertising, make sure you understand the purpose of a blog. As an integral part of web 2.0 marketing, it’s all about the socialization that takes place in blogging communities.

Soon, you’ll be embarking on your own path to become a part of the blogosphere – the world of blogs as a whole. Now, you can even host your blog on your own domain so that you don’t have to keep logging into the blogging site – you simply update your posts and ping directly from your website.

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How to Choose a Domain Name for a Blog

A domain name for a blog is the unique address a user types into their Internet browser to navigate to a site. The domain name blog uniquely identifies the person’s blog. Domain names are most often referred to as the vanity URL for a blog. For example, if BlogSpot is used the hosting domain may show in the URL as namehere-blogspot-dot-com but selecting a vanity URL would allow the URL to read www-namehere-dot-com.

When using a blog for a business or to promote a product, it is always advised to use a vanity URL that is easy for customers to remember.

Acquiring a Domain Name

Domain name blog URL’s must be registered and checked against names that are already owned just like securing any website domain name. There are thousands of companies that provide domain name registering services, but some are more reliable than others. To find out if a domain name is available, simply go to an accredited registrar company and type in the name, they will list whether or not that URL is available to be secured.

Picking a Domain Name Extension

Unique addresses for web sites come with a variety of domain name extensions and so do those for domain name blog URL’s. Basically, an extension is the three letters at the end of a URL after the last period. The most common is.com, but non-profit companies will often use an.org extension. Domain name shoppers will also find several new extensions such a.biz,. name,.net and two-letter extensions for certain countries such as.uk — for the United Kingdom.

Selecting a Domain Name

If available, use.com as the extension, this is usually preferred. Most people automatically assume that is what a web site address is going to end in — businesses may lose customers by ending a domain blog in another extension. There is a lot to consider when choosing a domain name blog – the most important is make it memorable. Choose something easy to remember, simple to spell and a phrase or word that is memorable. The domain name should reflect what kind of content a visitor would find on the blog. The maximum length of a domain name is 63 characters.

Registering a Domain Name

After choosing a domain name company to register the name, a customer will be required to provide a name, address and credit card. The data that is displayed publicly is owner’s name and address and the date and time the domain was registered. Domain names are typically registered for one-year at a time and are automatically renewed at the end of each service term. Any problems with payment will result in the name being released back onto the menu of available URLs.

Having a unique domain name adds a level of professionalism to a blog or business. Having an Internet presence allows visitors to see that the site is part of the digital universe and up-to-date on new technologies.

The author has spent a lot of time learning about Domain Blog [http://dnfblog.com] and other related topics. Read more about Domain Name Blog [http://dnfblog.com] at the author’s website.

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